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Why should I vote for John J. Cahill as Public Administrator in the 2014 election?

Cahill has proven his performance and leadership as Public Administrator since election in 2006, having now served two terms 2007 - 2014. "If it's working, it's not broke, so don't fix it". Cahill works now for Clark County families and served honorably for 30 years as a Juvenile Parole and Probation Officer with the Clark County Juvenile Court. That is a record of proven performance that is not matched by other candidates - not even close. Cahill is the only candidate with professional fiduciary experience in Nevada Probates.

The Public Administrator is a sworn officer of Clark County with sworn Deputies authorized to carry out the duties assigned by statue or as ordered by the Probate Court. In accordance with state law, the Public Administrator may protect decedent real or personal property when the Coroner, law enforcement agency, or out-of-state family requests assistance of the Public Administrator's Office, and when one or more of the following conditions exist:

Where Does The Public Administrator Get His or Her Authority?

What Fees Are Charged By The Public Administrator For Services?

Fees are charged according to the actions taken by the Public Administrator.

How Does the Public Administrator Sell Estate Real Property?

How Does the Public Administrator Sell Personal Property?

What Should I Do If I Want to Name the Public Administrator as Executor In My Will?

Securing an Original Will?

What Is the Public Administrator's Involvement With Funeral Arrangements?

After A Loved One Dies, How Do I Handle Their Property or Estate?

County Public Administrators in Nevada

How does John J Cahill get donations to pay for his campaign?

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