John J. Cahill

Clark County Nevada Public Administrator

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Past to Present

Through some of the toughest budget years ever experienced by local government, and the toughest in the Souther Nevada economy, John J Cahill has provided continuing leadership and excellence in services to families in Clark County Nevada.

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Campaign News

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Cahill first went to work for Clark County in 1966 as a Group Supervisor at Spring Mt Youth Camp and retired as Manager of Juvenile Probation Services in 1996.

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NRS Chapter 253 gives the Public Administrator the authority to protect decedent property before a court order has been filed.

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The Office of the Public Administrator was one of five County Officer positions created by acton of the first Clark County Board of Commissioners in 1909. The other elected position created are County Assessor, Clerk, Recorder, and Treasurer. Allowing voters to select who would serve them in these positions was and is considered the most responsive form of local government.

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Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

If a deceased resident of Clark County has no family or named person eligible, able, and willing to serve as a personal representative, the Probate Court can name the Public Administrator to complete the affairs of the decedent.

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